Anchor Auto Group Responds to Yesterday's Storm: Opens Catastrophic Response Auto Repair Center to Get Rhode Islanders Back on the Road
Anchor Auto Group will also Offer Deals on New and Pre-Owned Subaru's and Nissan's that Sustained Hail Damage

   North Smithfield, RI: Anchor Auto Group President Bob Benoit announced today that Anchor Subaru Nissan will open an on-site Catastrophic Response Auto Repair Center and hire local workers to help get Rhode Island residents back on the road following significant hail storms Wednesday afternoon. The storms moved rapidly through the area damaging thousand of cars in the Blackstone Valley and beyond.
By partnering with Dent Concepts, a Rhode Island-owned company that provides paintless dent repair across the globe, Anchor will provide a one-stop car repair shop where car owners will move their autos quickly through the insurance and repair process - within 24-hours in most cases. The Catastrophic Auto Repair Response Center will open on Friday morning on the Anchor property at 949 Eddie Dowling Highway (Rt. 146) in North Smithfield. To address the significant needs in the area, the group will hire approximately 50 local technicians to ensure quality repairs and a quick turnaround for customers.
"Rhode Islanders are dealing with enough. We have high unemployment, lackluster economic conditions and now a heat wave topped off by damaging storms. Damage to a car can stop a family in their tracks as it's used for daily routines from getting to work to getting the kids around. It's our goal to ease the burden on local families by providing easy access to repair their car, make their insurance claim and get back on the road. And all of this is done within 24 hours, in most cases," said Benoit.

Anchor's Catastrophic Auto Repair Center Opens, Friday
Anchor Auto Group acted swiftly to offer an easy-access location to provide a unique and expedient "paintless" dent repair service, among other car repair services. By Friday, the 18-wheeler processing truck will be on-site, tents will be up, and workers will be at the ready to receive customers.
While a typical trip to the body shop for a dent repair may involve two weeks and a rental car, Dent Concepts' paint-free dent repair method puts storm victims back in their car in 24 hours, or 48 hours for more heavily damaged vehicles. The technique, in which technicians hand-massage each car individually, not only protects the integrity of the vehicle and its original paint job, but also is an efficient process. The cars are not compromised and are provided a lifetime warrantee for the dent repairs by both Dent Concepts and the insurance company. Dent Concepts is well known and respected by the insurance companies, allowing them to provide damage verification for customers and a quick turnaround on claims. The fast-growing Rhode Island based company founded by Johnston native Anthony Natale, has hired thousands of workers to deal with storms across the U.S. and in countries from Australia to Italy.
Dent Concepts President Natale said, "I wish I was heading back to Rhode Island to take advantage of the beach and beautiful summer months, but instead, I'm responding to a significant storm. Due to Anchor's on-the-spot response, we will hire 50 skilled local workers, moving many from unemployment to a job assisting their community, and we will work together to minimize the impact of these storms on our neighbors' daily lives. It's a good reason to come home."
Rhode Islanders and residents of Southeastern Massachusetts may call 401.769.1199 or 401.767.5000 or drive directly to the conveniently-located Catastrophic Response Auto Repair Center (sample picture attached.)  Customers will be provided with rental vehicles at no cost while the repairs are completed.
New and Pre-Owned Cars to Be Sold with Price Reductions, Offering Benefits to Rhode Island Customers Though Cars Hold their True Value after Hail

In addition to the repair center set-up, Benoit said new and pre-owned vehicles at Anchor damaged by the hail storm will be offered at reduced prices to customers. He emphasized that the cars, when damaged by hail, are not considered compromised in the auto industry and in fact, due to the damage being purely cosmetic and easily repairable, are still considered salable at their current value. All factory warrantees initially provided with the cars will remain, including the paint and mechanical warrantees. Customers will also receive lifetime warrantees from Dent Concepts and the insurance company, making these cars attractive to those looking for high value at a lower cost.
To add to the existing deals, Subaru and Nissan have also provided a special allocation of vehicles so that Anchor may sell undamaged cars to customers with further price reductions during these difficult times.
"Anchor is proud to offer new and pre-owned vehicles that sustained hail damage at a reduced cost, providing a true deal for our customers," said Benoit. "Hail damage provides an impression that a car's value is be impacted, but in fact, it is not impacted at all. These cars are in premier condition and their tiny dents are easily repaired. As a result, the customer is getting the same exact car available on Wednesday morning on Thursday at a reduced rate. It will come with the same warrantees and two additional warrantees to further protect them. To put it simply, this is a win win for customers."