The used vehicle evaluation process at Anchor Subaru and Anchor Nissan is much more detailed then you may realize. In this day and age when everyone is turning to vehicle history reports, like Carfax, to evaluate a vehicle's structural integrity and worth, we know that there is no substitute for good old fashioned know how and a solid evaluation process.

Don't get us wrong?. Vehicle history reports are definitely part of our process, they just aren't the entire process.and don't be lulled into a false sense of security with a "certified preowned label".  These "Certified" vehicle doesn't ensure you are getting a better, or even good, prewoned vehicle.   These certifications cost $100s of dollares that are cherged by the manufacturers.   At Anchor, we go above and beyond with our process, and we don't add on any extra expense to you.  We don't feel it is the right thing to do. 

From electronic paint meters, to uni body alignment assessment to a nearly 200 point maintenance and safety check, with Anchor you can rest easy knowing that our entire staff has the training,  experience and knowledge to find the best pre owned vehicles and weed out all of the unsafe, risky ones. And remember, we wouldn't put our families in a vehicle that doesn't pass our rigorous process so we wouldn't expect you to put yours in one either!!